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What Are People Saying About Our Pedals!

Jay Leonard J- ​Guitarist, Vlogger, Composer, Performer

The Tweed Drive captures the qualities of a trusted tweed amp while complementing the natural characteristics of the amp it's plugged into. I chose this as the representative overdrive for my All-Canadian Guitar Rig video series because it looks amazing, sounds even better, and Sheldon is one of the nicest guys in the biz. Fantastic box for anyone looking for vintage tone with a modern response.

Eddie Heinzelman-Nashville Session Player & Guitarist for Radney Foster

My introduction to True North came in the form of a custom pedal Sheldon created for me which I love and use on my small fly rig. The True North Tweed Drive has been a staple on my board since its release and gives me killer drive tones to match the versatility of the styles I play. I’m a big fan of the full line of True North Pedals and play them in the studio and on tour.

Al Peterson- Singer, ASongwriter and Co-Host of The Cultured Guitarist 

Plugging in the Lumberjack was a religious experience, immediately our Canadian patriotism bloomed alongside the thick, rich fuzz tones on tap. Tapping the octave side on provides a wilder side to things as though the deep forest themselves were screaming through the amp. This pedal is full of big, detailed tones with perfectly simple controls giving you control of more tones than we knew an octave fuzz could give. Amazing!

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