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Rocky Mountain Fuzz

The Rocky Mountain Fuzz is the latest offering from True North Pedals. It can get nasty and buzzy, yet beautiful and harmonically rich like those early fuzz pedals. While having many of the classic characteristics fans love, it also has the ability to provide different EQ settings with the turn of the tone selector. It goes from almost 'gated' break-up to overkill shredding. Like those classic fuzz pedals, it is very interactive with the volume knob on your guitar or bass. It sounds amazing with a bass running through it. Try it on either guitar or bass and we're sure you'll love it!

Some unique features of our fuzz pedal:


Position 1: Tone knob bypassed

Position 2: Mid scooped EQ

Position 3: Mid boost EQ

Position 4: Gated (There is also a trim pot on the inside that controls the level of gate for this position only)


Makes minor adjustments to the gain and saturation

Reg. $215

(Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping.)

Please contact us at to order!

Have a listen to Eddie Heinzelman's demo of 

The Rocky Mountain Fuzz!

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Rocky Mountain Fuzz

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